Camino De Santiago: A place to enjoy Spiritual Revitalization

Once upon a time, several years after Jesus had ascended into heaven, his disciples scattered all across the earth in a bid to spread the message of the Gospel. Some ended up in the lands of Africa, another travelled as far as the subcontinent of India, another went to Greece to engage the intellectuals while others still spread far and wide across the known world.

One of the disciples who made the treacherous journey to far and wide places was James the Greater, better known as the son of Zebedee. He made it all the way from Judea, out into the Iberian Peninsula, and specifically to Santiago De Compostela.

It seems this place was so dear to him that upon his death, his disciples brought back his remains to be buried in the area.

But why?

Perhaps, it’s because of the same charm that can still be found there today. A charm that has in it wonderful ingredients; a free flowing wind that gently brushes the grasslands of the area, and a local climate that is pleasant, if not the best in the world.

And that’s one of the reasons why you should take your time to visit this beautiful land. Currently, we live in a world where screens dictate a lot of what we do on a day to day basis. It’s interesting at first but gets really tiring after some time. This is when various forms of fatigue start creeping in.

Rather than wait until it reaches crisis point, take time and get reacquainted with living with open spaces that are pregnant with the fresh scents of the environment. You can even engage in a few activities to help reset your brain from stress.

What can you do?

Take a pilgrimage.

Yes, as the resting place of James the Greater, it was sure to attract pilgrims from all over the known world who wanted to visit his remains. So, for hundreds of years, pilgrims have trekked across the land to get to Camino de Santiago.

You don’t have to trek all across Europe to get to the place, instead, you can choose one of the already well-established routes and take a much-needed walk. Not only will you get to enjoy the views of the landscape, but you also get to take a large load off your mind. It doesn’t matter the route you take, all are guaranteed to give you an excellent experience.

Learn Local Customs

As is the norm with man, wherever a large group of people like to pass, a settlement will always spring up. And that’s exactly what happened along the various pilgrim routes. One of the trails, the Camino Primitivo, considered one of the best trails, meets up with a more popular trail, the Camino Frances et Melide and both lead to the burial place of James the Great, the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.

On these routes, you are sure to meet up with a lot of the locals who will be more than eager to give you a tour of their local customs, as well as their everyday lives in this historic place.